Delta Forum Activity Plan for 2023 – 2024 (Click here to see)

Bangladesh Delta Plan: Challenges of Moving Forward Towards A Prosperous Bangladesh

Institute of Development Studies and Sustainability at the United International University organized ‘5th UIU International Conference on Sustainable Development 2022’ on 19-20 February 2022 at UIU campus, United City, Madani Avenue, Badda, Dhaka. The conference facilitated debate, dialogue and discussions on long-term plan for sustainable development with special focus on Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. The conference provided the [Bangladesh] Delta Forum (the previous outcome of ICSDs of UIU) with organized sessions to discuss, debate, share opinion, idea, criticism, and suggestions on Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 implementation through the active participation of universities, research organizations, implementing organizations, civil society forums, and policy people. This activity facilitate the processes of knowledge generation and sharing towards strengthening ‘Science-Policy-Practice Interface’ in reference to the scope, opportunities and limitations of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.

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